Room with wallpaper and paint: a private sky

A room with wallpaper that combines prints and colors
We joined with Branco. wallpaper and Home Stories to bring this project to life and we
proposed to transform Yasmin’s new bedroom into an environment that would help her write
this new chapter of her story, a bedroom with her face and colors.
The room that was like this:
It looked like this:
The Home Tile color created a particular sky for Yasmin. With this effect of continuity, it’s as if
the blue were going beyond the limits of this room with wallpaper, coloring 3 surfaces at the
same time and framing the print and the composition of the resident’s furniture.
Professional house painting services
This shade of blue is in our 2020 trends palette, within the Balance theme, which has colors
designed to promote relaxation and well-being at home, exactly what Yasmin was looking for
in her room. This selection of soft tones causes the mind to slow down and focus on the
present, creating an atmosphere that makes us look inward.
The combination of the Azulejo de Casa color with the Seagulls Azul panel from Branco.
wallpaper made the project perfect: “I wanted a paper that represented more than aesthetics
for me. Gazing at the sky reminds me of the city where I grew up, where buildings are scarce
and the blue is always in sight,” says Yasmin. In addition, flying birds remind her of freedom
and renewal, feelings she values a lot.

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